Vyatta Network OS Documentation

Learn how to install, configure and operate the Vyatta NOS, which helps drive our virtual networking & physical platforms portfolio.

Install and run Vyatta NOS on hardware

The Vyatta NOS installs and runs on most standard x86 servers and PCs. The system installs from LiveCD onto a variety of persistent devices, including a hard drive, USB memory stick, and compact Flash.

You install the system from LiveCD, which you create before installation. The installation process uses LiveCD as the source image, formats the device on which the system is being installed, installs the system, and, if possible, preserves configuration from previous installations. When the installation is completed, you reboot your system and the newly installed system begins running.

Note: Not all hardware supports the ability to boot from a USB device or compact Flash. Check the BIOS of your hardware to see if this feature is supported.

You can read about installing onto a hard disk or other persistent device in Ciena vRouter Hard Disks and Persistent Devices Installation Guide .