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Use command completion to query an ambiguous prefix

How to use the Vyatta NOS CLI command completion feature with an ambiguous prefix. Use this to find out what completions are valid, and to get help text for those completions.

In this example, we query the s prefix. This is ambiguous because there is more than one command that starts with this prefix.
  1. At the operational mode prompt, type s, and then press the Tab key.
    Note: You can use either the Tab key or the ? key to trigger the command completion feature. For simplicity, we mention only the Tab key in our examples.
    user@system:~$ s<Tab>
    The CLI lists all valid completions and then returns to the prompt as it was before you pressed the Tab key.
    set		   show
    user@system:~$ s
  2. If you press the Tab key a second time, then the CLI will display help text for each valid completion.
    Possible completions:
      save          Save configuration to a file
      set           Set the value of a parameter or create a new element
      show          Show the configuration (default values may be suppressed)	
    user@system:~$ s
    Note that again, the CLI returns to the prompt as it was before you pressed the Tab key.