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New features – Broadcom Qumran AX platform

New CLI commands associated with the new features can be found in the configuration section.

BGP support for TCP-AO (RFC5925) with AES-128-CMAC-96 (RFC5926)

This release builds on previous releases and continues to extend the hardware capabilities of the Qumran AX based whitebox platform.

Q-AX (and Jericho2) hardware dataplane VRF support

Support routing instances (VRFs) on L3 hardware forwarding platforms.

Qumran AX - Multicast IPv4/IPv6 per-mroute counters

Multicast forwarding allows replication of multicast traffic to opted-in receivers on multicast trees built using the Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) protocol.

At present all multicast forwarding is handled only in the Software Dataplane pipeline on a vRouter. The Precise Time Protocol (PTP) feature will add support for the programming of multicast routes in the hardware packet processing pipeline of the Qumran-AX hardware.

Precise Time Protocol (PTP) CLI needs to provide access to the servo info

Makes the Broadcom servo state information available to the end-user.