Vyatta Network OS Documentation

Learn how to install, configure and operate the Vyatta NOS, which helps drive our virtual networking & physical platforms portfolio.

API calls

This section contains new API calls and operational state commands.

New API calls

New API calls have been added to this release.

  get-arp input ifname <value>
  get-arp input ip <value>
  get-arp input source control-plane
  get-arp input source dataplane
  get-arp output arp-entry-list <ip>
  get-arp output arp-entry-list <ip> flags <value>
  get-arp output arp-entry-list <ip> hwaddr <value>
  get-arp output arp-entry-list <ip> ifname <value>
  get-arp output arp-entry-list <ip> platform_state <value>

  start-gnss input instance-number <value>
  stop-gnss input instance-number <value>

  delete-crash-dumps input index <value>
  get-crash-dmesg input index <value>
  get-crash-dmesg output crash-info <index>
  get-crash-dmesg output crash-info <index> dmesg <value>
  get-crash-dmesg output crash-info <index> filename <value>

  get-login-history output history <index>
  get-login-history output history <index> host <value>
  get-login-history output history <index> info <value>
  get-login-history output history <index> login-time <value>
  get-login-history output history <index> logout-time <value>
  get-login-history output history <index> tty <value>
  get-login-history output history <index> user <value>

  reboot input type hardware
  reboot input type os
  reboot output msg <value>