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The defects that have been resolved in this release are detailed in this section.

Security vulnerabilities

Security issues have been resolved in this release.

CVE-2013-5211Network Time Protocol (NTP) Mode 6 Scanner (VRVDR-37993)
CVE-2017-5754Debian DSA-4078-1: linux - security update (Meltdown) (VRVDR-39891)
CVE-2017-5753Debian DSA-4187-1, DSA-4188-1: Spectre aka. variant #1: (VRVDR-39909)
CVE-2017-3145Debian DSA-4089-1: bind9 - security update (VRVDR-40087)
CVE-2018-1000005, CVE-2018-1000007Debian DSA-4098-1 : curl - security update (VRVDR-40327)
CVE-2018-5334, CVE-2018-5335, CVE-2018-5336Debian DSA-4101-1: wireshark - security update (VRVDR-40398)
CVE-2017-10790, CVE-2018-6003 Debian DSA-4106-1: libtasn1-6 - security update (VRVDR-40555)
CVE-2017-17563, CVE-2017-17564, CVE-2017-17565, CVE-2017-17566Debian DSA 4112-1: xen security update (VRVDR-40782)
CVE-2017-14632, CVE-2017-14633Debian DSA 4113-1: libvorbis security update (VRVDR-40783)
CVE-2018-6459Strongswan 5.6.x: denial-of-service vulnerability in the parser for RSASSA-PSS signatures (VRVDR-40821)
CVE-2018-7540, CVE-2018-7541, CVE-2018-7542Debian DSA 4131-1: xen security update (VRVDR-40991)
CVE-2017-3144, CVE-2018-5732, CVE-2018-5733Debian DSA 4133-1: isc-dhcp security update (VRVDR-41041)
CVE-2018-7738Debian DSA-4134-1: util-linux - security update (VRVDR-41096)
CVE-2018-1000120 CVE-2018-1000121 CVE-2018-1000122Debian DSA-4136-1: curl - security update (VRVDR-41137)
CVE-2018-1064 CVE-2018-5748 CVE-2018-6764Debian DSA 4137-1: libvirt security update (VRVDR-41139)
CVE-2018-5146Debian DSA 4140-1: libvorbis security update (VRVDR-41172)
CVE-2018-6797, CVE-2018-6798, CVE-2018-6913Debian DSA-4172-1: perl - security update (VRVDR-41512)
CVE-2018-0494Debian DSA-4195-1: wget - security update (VRVDR-41795)
CVE-2018-1087, CVE-2018-8897Debian DSA-4196-1: linux - security update (VRVDR-41797)
CVE-2018-8897, CVE-2018-10471, CVE-2018-10472, CVE-2018-10981, CVE-2018-10982xen security update (VRVDR-41924)
CVE-2018-1000301Debian DSA-4202-1: curl - security update (VRVDR-41946)
CVE-2018-1122, CVE-2018-1123, CVE-2018-1124, CVE-2018-1125, CVE-2018-1126Debian DSA-4208-1: procps - security update (VRVDR-42006)
CVE-2018-3639speculative execution, variant 4: speculative store bypass / Specture v4 / Spectre-NG (VRVDR-42013)
CVE-2018-3639xen security update (VRVDR-42088)
CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-15038, CVE-2017-15119, CVE-2017-15124, CVE-2017-15268, CVE-2017-15289, CVE-2017-16845, CVE-2017-17381, CVE-2017-18043, CVE-2018-5683, CVE-2018-7550DSA 4213-1: qemu security update (VRVDR-42112)
CVE-2018-12020Debian DSA-4222-1: gnupg2 - security update (VRVDR-42284)
CVE-2018-0495Debian DSA-4231-1: Debian DLA-1405-1: libgcrypt20 - security update (VRVDR-42383)
CVE-2018-3665 DSA 4232-1: xen security update (VRVDR-42427)
CVE-2018-5390, CVE-2018-13405DSA 4266-1: linux security update (VRVDR-43111)

Resolved issues

Customer issues have been resolved in this release.

Component Key Summary
RA_VPN VRVDR-36378 Client behind NAT is unable to connect to L2TP server
Firewall VRVDR-38978 ZBF doesn't allow stateful tracking for locally sourced traffic
Interfaces VRVDR-39271 Once a week dp0bond0 and dp0bond1 interfaces goes down on their Master
DHCP VRVDR-39529 DHCP server failover is not synchronizing databases
VRRP VRVDR-39710 When rfc-compatibility is enabled in a VRRP instance, Vyatta does not respond to icmp requests
NAT VRVDR-39729 dataplane crashes when NAT resource group address has /31 mask
Bonding VRVDR-39750 The show interface dataplane <bond-vif> CLI shows interface statistics but is not a tab completion option under show interface dataplane
Firewall VRVDR-39772 The show log and show log firewall name <FW-RULE> command no longer displays firewall logs
VRRP VRVDR-39802 Mastership roles back from backup to primary with preempt false
Bonding VRVDR-39829 Bond fails after packet duplication is observed intermittently in production
Bonding VRVDR-39854 Bond interface down after DATAPLANE: ESP: Head room inc failed
QinQ VRVDR-39860 Commit doesn't complete  and  Rollback doesn't complete properly
VRRP/GRE VRVDR-39863 VRRP fails over when customer removes routing-instance with GRE associated and tunnel local-address is part of VRRP
NAT VRVDR-39864 Solution needed: SNAT for internally sourced traffic while externally sourced traffic must pass without translation
Firewall VRVDR-39865 non-unique ICMP states for pings between windows hosts
Dataplane VRVDR-39871 Ping RTT regression
Config Infrastructure VRVDR-39922 When deleting a subnet from resource group, the compare  command shows incorrect information/output
NAT VRVDR-39985 TCP DF Packets larger than GRE tunnel MTU are dropped with no ICMP fragmentation needed returned
Firewall VRVDR-39991 Stateful firewall drops packets between 2 subnets on the same interface
IPsec/VPN VRVDR-40085 PB-IPsec is not working when pinging between loopback interfaces on the Vyatta NOS themselves. 
NAT VRVDR-40210 NAT ICMP error handling for checksum disabled UDP is wrong
NAT VRVDR-40211 delete session-table source <IP-address:port> and delete session-table destination <IP-address:port> do not work on 17.2.0
Installer VRVDR-40281 After upgrading from 5.2 to more recent version error -vbash: show: command not found in operation mode
System VRVDR-40328 cloud-init images takes a long time to boot
Bonding VRVDR-40497 ARP doesn't work over bonded SR-IOV interface
IPsec/VPN VRVDR-40644 IKEv1: QUICK_MODE re-transmits are not handled correctly
Bridging VRVDR-40857 vhost-bridge does not come up for tagged vlan with interface names of a certain length.
IPsec/VPN VRVDR-40858 VTI interface showing MTU 1428 causing TCP PMTU issues
Firewall VRVDR-40886 Combining icmp name <value> with a number of other configuration for the rule will cause FW to not load
SNMP VRVDR-40920 With as listen-address snmpd does not start
ALG VRVDR-40927 DNAT: SDP in SIP 200 OK not translated when it follows a 183 Response
NAT VRVDR-40940 dataplane crash related to NAT/Firewall
IPsec/VPN VRVDR-40967 disabling IPv6 forwarding prevents routing of vti sourced IPv4 packets
Bridging VRVDR-40988 vhost not starting when vSRX image is used with certain number of interfaces
NAT VRVDR-41074 PBR is not working correctly in SNAT and DNAT setup where customer wants to hide ip add
BGP VRVDR-41088 Extended (4 byte) ASN not represented internally as unsigned type
Interfaces VRVDR-41225 When configuring interface description, every white space is treated as a new line
Firewall VRVDR-41252 With unbound VTI in zone-policy, drop rule is bypassed depending on commit order of zone rules.
GRE VRVDR-41266 Static route leaking to VRF does not transit traffic across mGRE tunnel after reboot
Bonding VRVDR-41469 One interface link down - bond is not carrying traffic
VRRP VRVDR-41481 VRRP on bond interface does not send VRRP advertisement
DNS VRVDR-41536 dnsmasq service start-init limit hit when adding more than 4 static host entries if dns forwarding is enabled
Dataplane VRVDR-41558 The reported timestamps in packet traces are not consistent with the actual time and system clock
IPv6 VRVDR-41628 Route/prefix from router-advertisement active in kernel and dataplane but ignored by RIB
ALG VRVDR-41834 NAT: SIP BYE not translated/forwarded if send by called party
IPsec/VPN/VRRP VRVDR-41906 PMTU discovery fails as ICMP Type 3 code 4 messages are sent out from wrong source ip
IPsec/VPN/VRRP VRVDR-41944 After VRRP fail-over some VTI tunnels fail to re-establish until a 'vpn restart' or peer reset is issued
NAT VRVDR-41957 Bi-Directional NAT'd packets too large for GRE fail to return ICMP Type 3 Code 4
sFlow VRVDR-42027 SFLOW using incorrect input ifIndex
IPsec/VPN VRVDR-42084 vfp interface marked as non-dataplane interface in show dataplane route when nat/ipsec config is re-applied
SSH VRVDR-42108 After 25s ssh login delay systemctl --user status fails with Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory
Flow Accounting VRVDR-42244 Flow-monitoring only exports 1000 samples to collector
VRRP VRVDR-42283 VRRP state changes to FAULT  for all interfaces when a vif interface ip is deleted
IPsec/VPN VRVDR-42335 IPSEC: remote-id hostname behavior changes from 5400 to 5600
OSPF VRVDR-42362 OSPF route reset from remote end once standby Vyatta device reboot
TACACS VRVDR-42483 TACACS authentication failing
BGP VRVDR-42635 bgp redistribute route-map policy change does not take effect
System VRVDR-42718 Config-sync incorrect sync status
System VRVDR-42774 x710 (i40e) driver sending flow control frames at very high rates
IPsec/VPN VRVDR-42826 With remote-id peer negotiation fails due to pre-shared-key mismatch
SNMP VRVDR-43157 When tunnel bounces SNMP trap is not properly generated.

Known issues

The known issues in this release have been identified.

Component Key Summary
IPsec/VPN VRVDR-42135 dead-peer-detection hold not functional / XFRM acquire handling missing (was: IPsec tunnel UP but not passing data)
VRRP VRVDR-42692 VRRP configurations under switch group not supported
OSPF VRVDR-42820 Trying to get ROUTE-MAPS to work correctly.
Hypervisor VRVDR-43145 VM management improvements - run VM start/stop script asynchronously and provide CLI to force shutdown a VM
IPsec/VPN VRVDR-43174 show vpn ike sa peer command does not work
IPsec/VPN VRVDR-43186 RAC Failover not working - source IP not selected correctly
IPsec/VPN VRVDR-43193 WIth RAC traceroute does not work for traffic destined over the tunnel