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Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

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The defects that have been resolved in this release are detailed in this section.

Security vulnerabilities

Security issues have been resolved in this release.

CVE-2018-10933Debian DSA-4322-1 : libssh - security update (VRVDR-44074)
CVE-2018-10873DebianDSA 4319-1: spice security update (VRVDR-44054)
CVE-2018-16056, CVE-2018-16057, CVE-2018-16058Debian DSA-4315-1 : wireshark - security update (VRVDR-44038)
CVE-2018-18065Debian DSA 4314-1: net-snmp security update (VRVDR-44033)
CVE-2018-1000802, CVE-2018-1060, CVE-2018-1061, CVE-2018-14647Debian DSA-4306-1 : python2.7 - security update (VRVDR-43884)
CVE-2018-16151, CVE-2018-16152Debian DSA-4305-1 : strongswan - security update (VRVDR-43842)
CVE-2018-16741Debian DSA-4291-1 : mgetty - security update (VRVDR-43693)
CVE-2018-15473Debian DSA-4280-1 : openssh - security update (VRVDR-43326)
CVE-2018-5390 CVE-2018-13405Debian DSA 4266-1: linux security update (VRVDR-43111)
CVE-2017-17405, CVE-2017-17742, CVE-2017-17790, CVE-2018-6914, CVE-2018-8777, CVE-2018-8778, CVE-2018-8779, CVE-2018-8780, CVE-2018-1000073, CVE-2018-1000074, CVE-2018-1000075, CVE-2018-1000076, CVE-2018-1000077, CVE-2018-1000078, CVE-2018-1000079Debian DSA-4259-1 : ruby2.3 - security update (VRVDR-43026)
CVE-2018-10906Debian DSA-4257-1 : fuse - security update (VRVDR-42994)

Resolved issues

Customer issues have been resolved in this release.

Component Key Summary
GUI VRVDR-43969 Vyatta 18.X Gui reporting wrong status check memory usage
NAT VRVDR-43774 TCP sequence numbers on NATd ftp session become incorrect after a few packets
NAT VRVDR-43738 ICMP Unreachable packets returned through SNAT session are not delivered
Dataplane, IPSec, NAT VRVDR-43517 Traffic fails when endpoint of VFP/Policy Based IPsec resides on the vRouter itself
NAT VRVDR-43379 NAT statistics incorrectly shown
IPSec VRVDR-42826 With multiple peers configured with remote-id '' peer negotiation fails due to pre-shared-key mismatch
System VRVDR-42774 x710 (i40e) driver sending flow control frames at very high rates
System VRVDR-42718 Config-sync incorrect sync status
Bonding, Dataplane VRVDR-41469 One interface link down - bond is not carrying traffic

Known issues

The known issues in this release have been identified.

Component Key Summary
Dataplane VRVDR-44374 UfiSpace S9500-30XS platform: ENB interop issue - speed and duplex set to auto/auto result in 50% traffic loss after reboot