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Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

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The defects that have been resolved in this release are detailed in this section.

Security vulnerabilities

Security issues have been resolved in this release.

openssl - security update (VRVDR-47573)CVE-2019-1543: Debian DSA-4475-1
linux - security update (4.19 kernels) (VRVDR-47325)CVE-2019-3846, CVE-2019-5489, CVE-2019-9500, CVE-2019-9503, CVE-2019-10126, CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478, CVE-2019-11479, CVE-2019-11486, CVE-2019-11599, CVE-2019-11815, CVE-2019-11833, CVE-2019-11884

Resolved issues

Customer issues have been resolved in this release.

Component Key Summary
GUI VRVDR-47606 Configuring service https listen-address bypasses the TLSv1.2 enforcement
Kernel, NTP VRVDR-47506 ntpq segfault in ld-2.24.so
NAT VRVDR-46941 Traffic that has SNAT session is filtered using stateless ZBF on return
Routing infrastructure VRVDR-46422 Routing-instance does not signal to user about name-length restrictions
VRRP VRVDR-46029 VRRP authentication either with simple text password or AH type does not work properly
Connsync, Dataplane VRVDR-45748 Missing checks for zmsg_popstr returning a NULL pointer causing connsync to crash dataplane
Support Infrastructure VRVDR-45740 generate tech-support archive should not aggregate all existing archives
VRRP VRVDR-45720 VRRP gets stuck waiting for a packet when start_delay used with only a single router
Dataplane VRVDR-45565 Output  h/w queue drops incrementing after upgrading from 5400 to 5600 1801u

Known issues

The known issues in this release have been identified.

Component Key Summary
Bridging VRVDR-47871 Permission denied error when attempting to clear bridge interface counters
VRRP VRVDR-47863 VRRPv3 VRF IPv6 IPAO: Reconfig of LL vip results in MASTER/MASTER scenario
GRE VRVDR-47858 GRE: RTNETLINK answers: No such file or directory on trying to delete tunnel
System VRVDR-47828 Observing the core file while running the Rollback regression
Switch - Broadcom VRVDR-47814 system ip gratuitous-arp not setting policy
SNMP VRVDR-47729 Qumran AX whitebox fails to send coldStart trap on system reboot
Interfaces VRVDR-47646 Failed to process returned data: invalid character 'U' looking for beginning of value  at /opt/vyatta/share/perl5/Vyatta/Configd.pm line 208
Logging VRVDR-41129 Journal can't export logs to destination in routing instance
QoS VRVDR-47934 When a QoS policy is configured with a simple class match (one not involving an action-group) the "show policy qos <if-name> class" command displays no output