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Learn how to install, configure, and operate the Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS) and Orchestrator, which help drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

Patch release notes 1908c

Release notes for Vyatta NOS 1908c, released November 15, 2019.

Issues resolved

Issues resolved in release 1908c.

Issue number Priority Summary
VRVDR-48893 Critical RA VPN: intermittent ICMP loss through HUB due to misprogrammed punt-path
VRVDR-48889 Critical RA VPN: client IPsec SAs are piling up when make-before-break (client) + reauth-time (server) is configured
VRVDR-48878 Critical VPN client log overflow in auth.log
VRVDR-48837 Critical Reduce sending DPD request loglevel temporarily to reduce logging load
VRVDR-48672 Critical SIAD stops forwarding traffic after 4-5 hours of long duration test
VRVDR-49060 Major RA VPN: no ESP traffic from Hub to Spoke
VRVDR-49035 Major RA VPN: show vpn ipsec sa inbound/outbound bytes stats are swapped
VRVDR-48949 Major Add output for determining punt-path programming state to tech-support
VRVDR-48717 Major Resources group address-group address-range entries do not work together with address entries
VRVDR-47596 Major NAT used count is showing count larger than total available
VRVDR-48057 Minor Add additional IPSec debug support to tech-support