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Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

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Patch release notes 1912c

Release notes for Vyatta NOS 1912c, released May 5, 2020.

Issues resolved

Issues resolved in release 1912c.

Issue numberPrioritySummary
VRVDR-50603BlockerVRRP config causes undefined subroutine error
VRVDR-50569BlockerSIAD BFD inter-op issue with Cisco 7609S
VRVDR-50807CriticalUpgrade SIAD Ufi BSP to v310
VRVDR-50785CriticalKeepalived segfaults on config reload because it cannot find the local host name
VRVDR-50754CriticalCannot perform H2O Update Capsule update due to missing efivar tool
VRVDR-50705Criticalshow history and tech support output incorrectly show order of CLI commands executed
VRVDR-50665CriticalPermit local user fallback following TACACS+ failure on read-only filesystem
VRVDR-50660CriticalPTP: traps may not be signaled in a timely manner
VRVDR-50621CriticalDuplicate entries added to dp_event_register()
VRVDR-50615CriticalSite-to-site: stale tunnel tear-down hook gets called for each peer configuration / massive commit slow down
VRVDR-50613CriticalVrouter dataplane crash in npf session code in long duration 3play test
VRVDR-50563CriticalTransport-link / port peering no longer works on xsm, sm and md
VRVDR-50560Criticalshow vpn ike secrets allows operator and members outside the secrets group to display secrets
VRVDR-50481CriticalL3ACL:Rule to drop does not drop traffic
VRVDR-50365CriticalVRRPv2 IPv4: VRRP-MIB RFC-2787 output timeout
VRVDR-50306CriticalADI Spirent probe RFC2544 test failure due to small packet loss w/ 100m speed and 50m QoS shaper
VRVDR-50278CriticalNot approved ARIA cipher enabled in service https
VRVDR-50237CriticalQoS not working when applied in certain order
VRVDR-50043CriticalNetConf json error returned with VRRP Sync group config
VRVDR-49990CriticalTACACS+ user allocated different UID following transient session authorization failure
VRVDR-49228Criticalshow address-group optimal issues
VRVDR-50831MajorTunnels do not come up following a reboot
VRVDR-50659MajorPTP: don't delete master if still in use
VRVDR-50655Majorvyatta-vrrp syntax error near unexpected token logger
VRVDR-50543MajorAll incoming traffic are counted as multicast pkts
VRVDR-50491MajorCGNAT: Remove unnecessary APM table resource constraint notifications
VRVDR-50412Majorlighttpd daily cron job does not run when TACACS+ authentication is enforced
VRVDR-50279MajorRX error incrementing on the bond1 interface, but no errors on physical interface
VRVDR-50153MajorVRRPv3 IPv6 Non-RFC: Tracking config creates IPAO priority
VRVDR-49866MajorL3ACL: Match on IPv6 fragments ("fragment any")
VRVDR-49552MajorVerify and fix the h/w L3 ACL handling for IPv6 proto final vs base
VRVDR-49340MajorL3ACL:Rule to match fragments (ipv4/ipv6) not matching correctly
VRVDR-49326MajorAt system login user level operator show queuing command does not work
VRVDR-47086MajorVRRP State is 4 Permanently when should be BACKUP
VRVDR-50681MinorRaise TACACS+ local-user-name deprecation log level from notice to warning
VRVDR-48971MinorVRRP version 3 requires accept true

Hardware support

Vyatta NOS now officially supports the 100G Mellanox MT27800 (ConnectX-5) MLX4 and MLX5.