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Patch release notes 1912p

Release notes for Vyatta NOS 1912p, released July 22, 2021.

Issues resolved

Issues resolved in release 1912p.

Issue numberPrioritySummary
VRVDR-55160Blockerdataplane: srvAdaptiveFrequencyReferenceTracker.c:91: getStraightenedLocalTimestampsAdaptiveFrequency: Assertion `((direction == E_srvUpLinkDirection) || (direction == E_srvDownLinkDirection))' failed
VRVDR-54128 CriticalPDV syslogs are observed in huge number
VRVDR-53790 CriticalCrash in mngPtpSessionStop

Security vulnerabilities resolved

Security vulnerabilities resolved in release 1912p.

Issue numberCVSSAdvisorySummary
VRVDR-556009.8DLA-2695-1 CVE-2021-31870, CVE-2021-31871, CVE-2021-31872, CVE-2021-31873: Debian DLA-2695-1 : klibc - LTS security update
VRVDR-552189.8DLA-2666-1 CVE-2021-31535: Debian DLA-2666-1 : libx11 security update
VRVDR-550249.8DLA-2647-1 CVE-2021-25214, CVE-2021-25215, CVE-2021-25216: Debian DLA-2647-1 : bind9 security update
VRVDR-556028.8DSL-2699-1 CVE-2020-5208: Debian DLA-2699-1 : ipmitool - LTS security update
VRVDR-550718.8DLA-2653-1 CVE-2021-3516, CVE-2021-3517, CVE-2021-3518, CVE-2021-3537: Debian DLA-2653-1 : libxml2 security update
VRVDR-555567.8DLA-2694-1 CVE-2020-35523, CVE-2020-35524: Debian DLA-2694-1 : tiff security update
VRVDR-548507.8DLA-2610-1 Debian DLA-2610-1 : linux-4.19 security update
VRVDR-555377.5DLA-2691-1 CVE-2021-33560: Debian DLA-2691-1 : libgcrypt20 security update
VRVDR-552736.5DLA-2669-1 CVE-2021-3541: Debian DLA-2669-1 : libxml2 security update
VRVDR-552196.3DLA-2623-1 CVE-2020-17380, CVE-2021-20203, CVE-2021-20255, CVE-2021-20257, CVE-2021-3392, CVE-2021-3409, CVE-2021-3416:Debian DLA-2623-1 : qemu security update
VRVDR-555555.7DLA-2692-1 CVE-2020-26558, CVE-2021-0129: Debian DLA-2692-1 : bluez security update
VRVDR-551275.3DLA-2664-1 CVE-2021-22876: Debian DLA-2664-1 : curl security update

Documentation errata

An error with the BGP Configuration Guide has been corrected in this release.

BGP configuration guide

In versions earlier and including Version 17.2.0 of the BGP Configuration Guide, the guide indicated support for multiple instances of BGP per AS through the use of the multiple-instance command. This information is incorrect, as Vyatta NOS supports only one BGP instance per AS.