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Patch release notes 2009a

Release notes for Vyatta NOS 2009a, released October 26, 2020.

Issues resolved

Issues resolved in release 2009a.

Issue numberPrioritySummary
VRVDR-53138 BlockerIPsec RA-VPN Client and Server regression broken on latest Halifax regression builds
VRVDR-52918 Blocker1912f - Hardware CPP not conforming to limiter rates
VRVDR-52906 BlockerQoS - Bandwidth Must match <<number><suffix>>
VRVDR-47760 BlockerJ2: QoS - Increase configuration limits for 100G for hardware platforms
VRVDR-53342 CriticaluSDE-->Node showing error while checking show interfaces dataplane dp0s9 affinity Attach
VRVDR-53302 CriticalBoundary Clock lost sync and is unable to re-acquire lock
VRVDR-53278 CriticalDesired speed in VOQ setup can overflow int param
VRVDR-53102 CriticalOSPFv2: prefer loopback address for use as forwarding address in NSSA LSAs
VRVDR-53065 CriticalYANG tweaks to allow NCS to compile Vyatta YANG files
VRVDR-53014 Criticalcommit-confirm not working via vcli scripts
VRVDR-52995 CriticalGrub update during image upgrade is broken
VRVDR-52994 CriticalBFD: Show bfd session details shows incorrect stats
VRVDR-52993 CriticalLicense enforcement for hardware other than UFI-SPACE is bringing down the dataports
VRVDR-52912 Criticalservice-user creation fails due to moved SSSD databases
VRVDR-52885 CriticalThe dataplane interfaces are down when configuring the cpu-affinity
VRVDR-52855 CriticalCreating service users fails
VRVDR-52850 CriticalEgress ACL in s/w path will not match router originated traffic
VRVDR-52841 CriticalS9500-30XS: Receiving only 10Gig traffic going over 25Gig links
VRVDR-52740 Criticalshow interfaces affinity and show interfaces identify returns error Error: Unknown RPC
VRVDR-52451 Criticalbgpd process crashed when performing snmpwalk with BGP configuration
VRVDR-52401 CriticalDegradation of throughput by 10%-40% on v150 with 100M physical interface and QOS
VRVDR-52383 CriticalPTP: Internal errors causing PTP stack not to be created
VRVDR-51749 CriticalDHCPv6 address not getting renewed automatically on client node after DHCP server rebooted and only works when deleted/reconfigured DHCPv6 config was added on the client node. It works fine for DHCPv4.
VRVDR-51678 CriticalPTP: Slave clock sees significant time-error when GPS signal fails on SIAD, when it switches to PTP
VRVDR-51256 CriticalACM VCI component does not seem to work correctly with only default values
VRVDR-43307 Criticalvyatta-ike-sa-daemon: TypeError: 'IKEConfig' object does not support indexing
VRVDR-53314 Majordhcp-client overlap-subnet script fails on DANOS due to missing vrfmanager Python module
VRVDR-53275 MajorFlexware: Update platform detection for new large boxes based on latest production boxes
VRVDR-53244 MajorBarcelona board should be made generic
VRVDR-53199 MajorConfiguring unreachable static route causes a zebra and dataplane restart
VRVDR-53191 MajorIPsec commands do not work unless acm rules for rpc-default and notification-default are configured
VRVDR-53062 MajorMissing logs for enforcement action taken for licensing
VRVDR-53061 MajorAllow ACL rulesets to set an address-family flag in the group structure
VRVDR-53022 Major[ext]community-list and access-list translation issues in DANOS
VRVDR-52997 Majortacplusd get_tty_login_addr() may overflow buffer
VRVDR-52910 Majorservice-users LDAP password and local encrypted-password values not redacted in audit logs or TACACS+ authorization requests
VRVDR-52909 MajorRIP MD5 passwords not redacted in audit logs or TACACS+ authorization requests
VRVDR-52851 MajorFAL Broadcom plugin needs to be tuned to optimize to 100G QoS performance
VRVDR-52843 MajorOutput of static entries in ARP table has changed
VRVDR-52739 MajorPort value in tunnel policy without specifying protocol causes error protocol must be formatted as well-known string. for the IPsec show commands
VRVDR-52677 MajorWhen multiple peers use the same local-address, no authentication ids, and unique pre-shared-keys IKEv2 based IPsec stuck in 'init' for all but one peer
VRVDR-52611 Majori40e driver silently drops multicast packets causing VRRP dual master
VRVDR-52468 MajorNeg Rx value not updated if requested value cannot be used
VRVDR-52404 MajorICMP error returned with corrupted inner header causes seg-fault when passed through a FW/NAT44/PBR rule with logging enabled
VRVDR-52188 Majorstart virt guest XYZ does not report errors
VRVDR-51332 MajorPTP: Unable to cope with config change where master and slave swap ds-ports (slave does not come up)
VRVDR-52825 MinorConfiguring three sub-levels of time-zone is not possible, causing upgrade from earlier version to fail
VRVDR-52546 MinorGUI hangs/loading and finally timeout with an error message on browser

Security vulnerabilities resolved

Security vulnerabilities resolved in release 2009a.

Issue numberCVSSAdvisorySummary
VRVDR-52921 7.9DSA-4760-1 CVE-2020-12829, CVE-2020-14364, CVE-2020-15863, CVE-2020-16092: Debian DSA-4760-1: qemu security update
VRVDR-53283 7.8DSA-4769-1 CVE-2020-25595, CVE-2020-25596, CVE-2020-25597, CVE-2020-25599, CVE-2020-25600, CVE-2020-25601, CVE-2020-25602, CVE-2020-25603, CVE-2020-25604: Debian DSA-4769-1: xen security update
VRVDR-53273 7.8DLA-2385-1 CVE-2019-3874, CVE-2019-19448, CVE-2019-19813, CVE-2019-19816, CVE-2020-10781, CVE-2020-12888, CVE-2020-14314, CVE-2020-14331, CVE-2020-14356, CVE-2020-14385, CVE-2020-14386, CVE-2020-14390, CVE-2020-16166, CVE-2020-25212, CVE-2020-25284, CVE-2020-25285, CVE-2020-25641, CVE-2020-26088: Debian DLA-2385-1: linux-4.19 LTS security update