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Patch release notes 2009b

Release notes for Vyatta NOS 2009b, released January 15, 2021.

Issues resolved

Issues resolved in release 2009b.

Issue numberPrioritySummary
VRVDR-53699 BlockerPTP implementation noms all the PTP packets, even though not destined for it
VRVDR-53429 BlockerUp-rev Ufi hwdiag to 3.1.11
VRVDR-53385 BlockerRepeat PTP servo failure messages
VRVDR-53325 Blockerfal_create_ptp_clock failed and failed to set TOD-In for PTP clock 0 following reboot
VRVDR-53324 BlockerADI XS uCPE: InDiscards seen in the switch backplane at 1G
VRVDR-53305 BlockerIncoming PTP traffic is not being trapped to the PTP firmware
VRVDR-52877 BlockerADI QoS Performance Issue with specific packet sizes
VRVDR-52074 BlockerMark maps using DSCP resource groups don't pick up resource group changes
VRVDR-51818 BlockerFAL_BCM: Failed to set TOD-In for PTP clock 0: Internal error after reboot/power_cycle
VRVDR-53962 CriticalReboot D2MSN backup connection created systemd-coredump with BGP authentication enabled
VRVDR-53611 CriticalPre-configuration-script and post-configuration-script ignored in zerotouch client
VRVDR-53596 Criticalconfig-sync is not operational when the configuration contains quotes
VRVDR-53570 CriticalStorm control policy may have non-zero packet counts on being applied
VRVDR-53565 Criticall2tpeth: VLAN functionality not functional
VRVDR-53523 CriticalIPsec RA VPN client: loads with invalid/unintended default values
VRVDR-53517 CriticalPTP de-referencing bad interface pointer
VRVDR-53515 CriticalPTP remains in acquiring state long enough to trigger an alarm
VRVDR-53510 CriticalIPsec RA VPN client: source-interface/WAN-failover implementation is absent
VRVDR-53470 CriticalARP failing with L2TPv3 with IPsec protection
VRVDR-53459 CriticalATT-VROUTER-PTP-MIB::attVrouterPtpServoFailure no longer sent
VRVDR-53446 CriticalBGP crash after deleting interface from VRF routing instance
VRVDR-53373 CriticalWhen bond is disabled the link-state of member interfaces is u/D when configured but u/u after a reboot
VRVDR-53335 CriticalSIAD: Auto negotiation does not seem to work reliably
VRVDR-53317 CriticalPTP: port packet counters ignore signalling messages
VRVDR-53096 CriticalAzure: VM fails to deploy due to Waiting for cloud-init to copy ovf-env.xml to /var/lib/waagent/ovf-env.xml
VRVDR-53083 CriticalCoredump observed at in.telnetd
VRVDR-53052 CriticalInterface added to switch in router mode with no interface switch configuration
VRVDR-52889 CriticalEnabling L2TP over s2s breaks all other tunnels
VRVDR-52639 CriticalIPsec Scale : Error: restart-vpn: configuration set failed: vici: transport error: read unix when issuing restart vpn on scaled topology
VRVDR-52574 CriticalAfter reboot, the set virtualization ... commands are not configured
VRVDR-52395 CriticalOSPF6d is crashing with 70k external routes while stopping OSPFv3 protocol on IXIA and also during delete OSPFv3 protocol configuration
VRVDR-53964 MajorUser-isolation feature is not present in licensed 'B' images
VRVDR-53854 MajorInterfaces went down / panic: runtime error: slice bounds out of range
VRVDR-53782 MajorUpdate to latest 5.4 stable kernel, 5.4.81
VRVDR-53670 MajorAdd uCPE enforcement to reboot device based on cpu information in license file
VRVDR-53520 Major'ipsec notify' does not activate ipsec daemon after VRRP failover
VRVDR-53099 MajorTACACS+ starts only when service is restarted manually
VRVDR-53085 MajorMulticast IPv4 and IPv6 is mutually exclusive on SIAD
VRVDR-52666 MajorCommit fails when the saved config file with L3 addressing over dataplane interface is loaded along with "set system platform type router"
VRVDR-50884 MajorGrub password printed in plain-text in installer logs
VRVDR-53368 MinorAlpha-numeric common pattern with preceding 0 in resources group <name> causes out of order list on config-sync slave
VRVDR-43453 Minorshow l2tpeth/ show l2tpeth <interface> returns Use of uninitialized value in printf at /opt/vyatta/bin/vplane-l2tpeth-show.pl line 41 with the output
VRVDR-36175 MinorAdd support for error-app-tag

Security vulnerabilities resolved

Security vulnerabilities resolved in release 2009b.

Issue numberCVSSAdvisorySummary
VRVDR-53976 9.8DSA-4822-1 CVE-2020-29361, CVE-2020-29362, CVE-2020-29363: Debian DSA-4822-1 : p11-kit - security update
VRVDR-53899 8.8DSA-4812-1 CVE-2020-29479, CVE-2020-29480, CVE-2020-29481, CVE-2020-29482, CVE-2020-29483, CVE-2020-29484, CVE-2020-29485, CVE-2020-29486, CVE-2020-29566, CVE-2020-29570, CVE-2020-29571: Debian DSA-4812-1: xen security update
VRVDR-53861 8.2DLA-2483-1 CVE-2019-19039, CVE-2019-19377, CVE-2019-19770, CVE-2019-19816, CVE-2020-0423, CVE-2020-8694, CVE-2020-14351, CVE-2020-25656, CVE-2020-25668, CVE-2020-25669, CVE-2020-25704, CVE-2020-25705, CVE-2020-27673, CVE-2020-27675, CVE-2020-28941, CVE-2020-28974: Debian DLA-2483-1: linux-4.19 security update
VRVDR-53797 7.8DSA-4804-1 CVE-2020-27670, CVE-2020-27671, CVE-2020-27672, CVE-2020-27674, CVE-2020-28368: Debian DSA-4804-1: xen security update
VRVDR-53741 7.5DSA-4795-1 CVE-2020-28196: Debian DSA-4795-1 : krb5 - security update
VRVDR-53485 7.5DSA-4782-1 CVE-2020-25692: Debian DSA-4782-1 : openldap - security update
VRVDR-53421 6.5DSA-4777-1 CVE-2020-15999: Debian DSA-4777-1 : freetype - security update
VRVDR-53872 6.1DSA-4810-1 CVE-2020-27783: Debian DSA-4810-1 : lxml - security update
VRVDR-53821 5.9DSA-4807-1 CVE-2020-1971: Debian DSA-4807-1 : openssl - security update
VRVDR-53829 5.7DSA-4808-1 CVE-2020-27350: Debian DSA-4808-1 : apt - security update
VRVDR-53830 2.8DSA-4809-1 CVE-2020-27351: Debian DSA-4809-1 : python-apt - security update
VRVDR-53647N/ADSA-4792-1 CVE-2020-25709, CVE-2020-25710: Debian DSA-4792-1 : openldap - security update
VRVDR-53409N/ADSA-4776-1 CVE-2020-15180: Debian DSA-4776-1: mariadb-10.3 security update