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Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

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The defects that have been resolved in this release are detailed in this section.

Resolved security vulnerabilities

Security issues have been resolved in this release.

Key CVSS Summary
VRVDR-53797 7.8 CVE-2020-27670, CVE-2020-27671, CVE-2020-27672, CVE-2020-27674, CVE-2020-28368: Debian DSA 4804-1: xen security update
VRVDR-53741 7.5 CVE-2020-28196: Debian DSA-4795-1 : krb5 security update
VRVDR-53647 N/A CVE-2020-25709, CVE-2020-25710: Debian DSA-4792-1 : openldap security update
VRVDR-53485 N/A CVE-2020-25692: Debian DSA-4782-1 : openldap security update
VRVDR-53409 N/A CVE-2020-15180: Debian DSA-4776-1: mariadb-10.3 security update
VRVDR-53283 7.8 CVE-2020-25595, CVE-2020-25596, CVE-2020-25597, CVE-2020-25599, CVE-2020-25600, CVE-2020-25601, CVE-2020-25602, CVE-2020-25603, CVE-2020-25604: Debian DSA-4769-1: xen security update
VRVDR-53273 7.8 CVE-2019-3874, CVE-2019-19448, CVE-2019-19813, CVE-2019-19816, CVE-2020-10781, CVE-2020-12888, CVE-2020-14314, CVE-2020-14331, CVE-2020-14356, CVE-2020-14385, CVE-2020-14386, CVE-2020-14390, CVE-2020-16166, CVE-2020-25212, CVE-2020-25284, CVE-2020-25285, CVE-2020-25641, CVE-2020-26088: Debian DLA-2385-1: linux-4.19 LTS security update
VRVDR-52635 9.8 CVE-2019-18814, CVE-2019-18885, CVE-2019-20810, CVE-2020-10766, CVE-2020-10767, CVE-2020-10768, CVE-2020-12655, CVE-2020-12771, CVE-2020-13974, CVE-2020-15393: Debian DLA-2323-1 : linux-5.4 new package

Resolved issues

Customer issues have been resolved in this release.

Component Key Summary
Config Sync VRVDR-53367 config-sync does not work if a modified candidate config exists on peer
Config Sync VRVDR-53368 Alpha-numeric common pattern with preceding '0' in 'resources group <name>' causes out of order list on config-sync slave
Config Sync VRVDR-53596 config-sync is not operational when the configuration contains quotes
Dataplane VRVDR-52611 i40e driver silently drops multicast packets causing VRRP dual master
Dataplane VRVDR-53517 PTP de-referencing bad interface pointer
Firewall VRVDR-52668 Configuration fails to load after upgrade from 1801ze to 1912e when firewall rule with port range 0-65535 statement is present
GUI VRVDR-52546 GUI hangs/loading and finally timeout with an error message on browser
IPsec VRVDR-53520 'ipsec notify' does not activate IPsec daemon after VRRP failover
PTP VRVDR-53302 Boundary Clock lost sync and is unable to re-acquire lock
PTP VRVDR-53515 PTP remains in acquiring state long enough to trigger an alarm
QoS VRVDR-52401 Degradation of throughput by 10%-40% on v150 with 100M physical interface & QOS
System VRVDR-52825 Configuring three sub-levels of time-zone is not possible, causing upgrade from earlier version to fail

Known issues

The known issues in this release have been identified.

Component Key Summary
File Transfers VRVDR-53779 Packet modification seen in Pcap taken on Vyatta dataplane interface
VRRP VRVDR-53834 'show interfaces' error while VRRP state reports "GOTO MASTER"
VRRP VRVDR-53740 VRRP 'start-delay' configured on more than one interface causes VRRP split-brain Dual MASTER/MASTER after reboot