Vyatta NOS documentation

Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

API calls

This section contains new API calls and operational state commands.

New API calls

New API calls have been added to this release.

  get-arp input ifname <value>
  get-arp input ip <value>
  get-arp input source control-plane
  get-arp input source dataplane
  get-arp output arp-entry-list <ip>
  get-arp output arp-entry-list <ip> flags <value>
  get-arp output arp-entry-list <ip> hwaddr <value>
  get-arp output arp-entry-list <ip> ifname <value>
  get-arp output arp-entry-list <ip> platform_state <value>

  start-gnss input instance-number <value>
  stop-gnss input instance-number <value>

  delete-crash-dumps input index <value>
  get-crash-dmesg input index <value>
  get-crash-dmesg output crash-info <index>
  get-crash-dmesg output crash-info <index> dmesg <value>
  get-crash-dmesg output crash-info <index> filename <value>

  get-login-history output history <index>
  get-login-history output history <index> host <value>
  get-login-history output history <index> info <value>
  get-login-history output history <index> login-time <value>
  get-login-history output history <index> logout-time <value>
  get-login-history output history <index> tty <value>
  get-login-history output history <index> user <value>

  reboot input type hardware
  reboot input type os
  reboot output msg <value>