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Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

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The defects that have been resolved in this release are detailed in this section.

Resolved security vulnerabilities

Security issues have been resolved in this release.

Key CVSS Summary
VRVDR-56183 7.8 [DSA 4978-1] linux security update
VRVDR-56012 8.8 libvirt is receiving no Debian security updates / missed CVE-2020-14339
VRVDR-559937.5 [DSA 4963-1] openssl security update
VRVDR-55923 - [DSA 4954-1] c-ares security update
VRVDR-55905 8.6 Nessus Scan: CVE-2020-26558, CVE-2020-27153, CVE-2021-0129: Debian DSA-4951-1 : bluez - security update
VRVDR-558967.4  CVE-2021-25217: A buffer overrun in lease file parsing code can be used to exploit a common vulnerability shared by dhcpd and dhclient
VRVDR-557617.8 [DSA 4941-1] linux security update (4.19, 5.4, 5.10)
VRVDR-55538 7.8 Nessus Scan: Debian DLA-2690-1 : linux security update
VRVDR-55273 7.5 Nessus Scan: CVE-2021-3541: Debian DLA-2669-1 : libxml2 security update

Resolved issues

Customer issues have been resolved in this release.

Key Component Summary
VRVDR-55053 Dataplane Tx Power Level wrong when 10G interface is disabled
VRVDR-55011 TACACS Cannot log into a S9500-30XS platform with read-only SSD
VRVDR-55749 Interfaces Swapped in SFP does not pick up configured MTU
VRVDR-53779 File Transfers Packet modification seen in PCAP taken on dataplane interface
VRVDR-55721 Firewall dataplane crash segfault in npf_session_tcp_state_change up on upgrade from 1912
VRVDR-55463 Multicast mtrace not working
VRVDR-54765 ALG ALG session may cause dataplane crash when cleared

Known issues

The known issues in this release have been identified.

Key Component Summary
VRVDR-56188 BGP bgpd dumps core, possibly  in as_list_apply()
VRVDR-55504 Multicast Multicast/PIM/PIM6 logs unusable for S9500-30XS platform operations
VRVDR-53669 L2TPv3 L2TPv3 + VLAN + PPPoE: tunnel not functional
VRVDR-52417 Dataplane S9500-30XS platform-100G: Traffic drops silently after some time when sending linerate traffic using the pkt size 9000
VRVDR-51539 Dataplane Repeated FAL BCM "L3 Interface" for VSI 0 Syslog