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Patch release notes 2110g

Release notes for Vyatta NOS 2110g, released December 12, 2022.

Issues resolved

Issues resolved in release 2110g.

Issue number Priority Summary
VRVDR-59166 Blocker Log large and very large PDV during operation
VRVDR-59139 Critical BroadPTP Clock Class transition should be 6 --> 135 --> 165
VRVDR-58890 Critical PTP: Do not allow excessive frequency correction on SIAD
VRVDR-58761 Critical ixgbe: per queue statistical counters are broken
VRVDR-58747 Critical Latency and packet drop issues with ixgbe (Intel x520 and x540) driver
VRVDR-55031 Critical Crash in fal_policer_unapply_profile
VRVDR-59080Major 25Gig Interfaces down after reboot 2110f
VRVDR-59062Major IPsec failing on reboot after upgrade from 1912 to 2012m
VRVDR-59054Major AggSIAD: Default not pointing to correct Agg
VRVDR-58944Major Failed to change password for local service-user
VRVDR-58668Major mGRE does not work with NAT or firewall binding at local interface of GRE tunnel

Security vulnerabilities resolved

Security vulnerabilities resolved in release 2110g.

Issue number CVSS Advisory Summary
VRVDR-59150 9.8 DLA-3175-1 CVE-2022-37454: Debian DLA-3175-1 : python3.7 - LTS security update
VRVDR-59055 9.8 DLA-3152-1 CVE-2016-10228, CVE-2019-19126, CVE-2019-25013, CVE-2020-1752, CVE-2020-6096, CVE-2020-10029, CVE-2020-27618, CVE-2021-3326, CVE-2021-3999, CVE-2021-27645, CVE-2021-33574, CVE-2021-35942, CVE-2022-23218, CVE-2022-23219: Debian DLA-3152-1: glibc – LTS security update
VRVDR-59014 9.8 DLA-3153-1 CVE-2022-3515: Debian DLA-3153-1 : libksba - LTS security update
VRVDR-58845 9.8 DLA-3119-1 CVE-2022-40674: Debian DLA-3119-1 : expat - LTS security update
VRVDR-59070 9.1 DLA-3157-1 CVE-2019-8921, CVE-2019-8922, CVE-2021-41229, CVE-2021-43400, CVE-2022-0204, CVE-2022-39176, CVE-2022-39177:Debian DLA-3157-1 : bluez - LTS security update
VRVDR-59259 8.8 DLA-3179-1 CVE-2022-44638: Debian DLA-3179-1 : pixman - LTS security update
VRVDR-59144 8.1 DLA-3172-1 CVE-2022-40303, CVE-2022-40304: Debian DLA-3172-1 : libxml2 - LTS security update
VRVDR-59128 7.5 DLA-3165-1 CVE-2022-43680: Debian DLA-3165-1 : expat - LTS security update
VRVDR-58897 7.5 DLA-3138-1 CVE-2022-2795, CVE-2022-38177, CVE-2022-38178: Debian DLA-3138-1 : bind9 - LTS security update
VRVDR-58893 7.5 DLA-3133-1 CVE-2022-37797: Debian DLA-3133-1 : lighttpd - LTS security update
VRVDR-59130 7.1 DLA-3167-1 CVE-2022-29458: Debian DLA-3167-1 : ncurses - LTS security update
VRVDR-58948 6.5 DLA-3142-1 CVE-2022-42010, CVE-2022-42011, CVE-2022-42012: Debian DLA-3142-1 : dbus - LTS security update
VRVDR-58892 6.5 DLA-3127 CVE-2022-31081: Debian DLA-3127-1 : libhttp-daemon-perl - LTS security update
VRVDR-58604 6.5 N/A CVE-2022-2132, CVE-2022-28199: DPDK security update
VRVDR-59260 2.5 DLA-3181-1 CVE-2021-23239: Debian DLA-3181-1 : sudo - LTS security update
VRVDR-59143 N/A DLA-3171-1 Debian DLA-3171-1 : distro-info-data - LTS database update
VRVDR-59132 N/A DLA-3162-1 Debian DLA-3162-1 : libdatetime-timezone-perl - LTS security update
VRVDR-59131 N/A DLA-3161-1 Debian DLA-3161-1 : tzdata - LTS security update
VRVDR-58895 N/A DLA-3135-1 Debian DLA-3135-1 : libdatetime-timezone-perl - LTS security update
VRVDR-58894 N/A DLA-3134-1 Debian DLA-3134-1 : tzdata - LTS security update