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show arp

Displays the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache of the system.

show arp [ interface ]
An interface for which ARP information is displayed.

Operational mode

Use this command to display the ARP cache of the system.

The following table shows possible ARP states.

Table 1. ARP states
State Description


Address resolution is currently being performed on this neighbor entry.


The neighbor is reachable. Positive confirmation has been received and the path to this neighbor is operational.


This state is a pseudo-state, indicating that this entry should not be cleared from the cache.


The arp entry is deleted.


The arp entry is provided on the data plane only

The following example shows how to display the ARP cache of the R1 system.

vyatta@R1:~$ show arp
IP Address HW address Dataplane Controller Device 0:1b:ed:9f:de:41 VALID VALID dp0p160p1 00:0c:29:c6:89:a6 VALID dp0p160p1