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Vyatta documentation

Learn how to install, configure, and operate the Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS) and Orchestrator, which help drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

show history

Displays the command history of the system.

show history [ num | brief ]

The complete command history is displayed.

A specific number of recent commands.
Displays the most recent 20 commands.

Operational mode

Use this command to view the command history of the system. If more than one screen of output is available, the : prompt appears. Press the <Space> key to display the next screen, <Enter> key to display the next line, or <q> key to stop the output.

The following example shows history of command execution on R1.

vyatta@R1:~$ show history
    1  2009-08-05T22:01:33+0000 configure
    2  2009-08-05T22:02:03+0000 commit
    3  2009-08-05T22:02:09+0000 exit
    4  2009-08-05T22:02:09+0000 exit
    5  2009-08-05T22:02:12+0000 exit
    6  2009-08-05T22:11:51+0000 show version
    7  2009-08-05T22:11:55+0000 configure
    8  2009-08-05T22:01:33+0000 configure
    9  2009-08-05T22:02:03+0000 commit
   10  2009-08-05T22:02:09+0000 exit
   11  2009-08-05T22:02:09+0000 exit
   12  2009-08-05T22:02:12+0000 exit
   13  2009-08-05T22:11:51+0000 show version
   14  2009-08-05T22:11:55+0000 configure
   15  2009-08-05T22:11:59+0000 show
   16  2009-08-05T22:12:27+0000 show
   17  2009-08-05T22:13:01+0000 set interfaces dataplane dp0p1p1 address
   18  2009-08-05T22:13:12+0000 set service ssh
   19  2009-08-05T22:13:33+0000 set system name-server
   20 2009-08-05T22:13:58+0000 commit
   21  2009-08-06T05:14:15+0000 show