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Setting the time zone

The time zone must be set by using the system time-zone command. To set the time zone, you specify the region and location (specified as Region/Location) that best defines your time zone. For example, specifying US/Pacific sets the time zone to US Pacific time. Command completion (that is, the <Tab> key) can be used to list available time zones. The adjustment for daylight time takes place automatically based on the time of year.

The following table shows how to set the time zone to Pacific time.

To set the time zone, perform the following steps in configuration mode.

Table 1. Setting the time zone as a region and a location
Step Command
Set the time zone.
vyatta@R1# set system time-zone US/Pacific
Commit the information.
vyatta@R1# commit
Show the configuration.
vyatta@R1# show system time-zone

    time-zone US/Pacific