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Learn how to install, configure, and operate the Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS) and Orchestrator, which help drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

Configuring bridge ports

This section provides a sample configuration for two bridges between Ethernet segments on two vRouter.

Note: In the vRouter, a data plane interface is an abstraction that represents the underlying physical or virtual Ethernet interface of the system. The terms Ethernet interface and data plane interface are synonymous in this guide.

The following example shows two main types of bridge port configurations: a bridge-to-bridge port and an edge port. The same configuration applies to both bridges.

Figure 1. Configuring bridge ports

Ports are configured as edge ports if they are attached to a LAN that has no other bridges attached. These edge ports transition directly to the forwarding state. RSTP still continues to monitor the port for BPDUs if a bridge is connected. RSTP can also be configured to automatically detect edge ports. As soon as the bridge detects a BPDU coming to an edge port, the port becomes a nonedge port.

When you have finished, the system is configured as shown in the following figure.

Configuring bridge ports shows how to create the bridge interface and add the data plane interfaces and port configurations to both bridge groups.

To do this, perform the following steps on both R1 and R2 in configuration mode.

Table 1. Configuring bridge ports
Create the bridge interface.

vyatta@R1# set interfaces bridge br0
Enable spanning tree.

vyatta@R1# set interfaces bridge br0 spanning-tree
Add dp0s1 and dp0s2 interfaces to the bridge.

vyatta@R1# set interfaces dataplane dp0s1 bridge-group bridge br0

vyatta@R1# set interfaces dataplane dp0s2 bridge-group bridge br0
Configure host-facing interfaces as edge ports.

vyatta@R1# set interfaces dataplane dp0s1 bridge-group admin-edge

vyatta@R1# set interfaces dataplane dp0s1 bridge-group auto-edge
Commit the configuration.

vyatta@R1# commit
Use the show brief command to verify the following configurations.
  • The bridge-to-bridge port is of point-to-point type.
  • The host-facing port is of edge type .
  • Both ports are RSTP version.

 show bridge br0 spanning-tree brief
Bridge                   br0
Designated Root          8.000.52:54:00:00:01:01
Designated Root Cost     1000
Designated Root Port     dp0s2 (2)
Bridge ID                8.000.52:54:00:00:02:02

Port        State         Role   Cost  Prio  Type   Ver 
dp0s1 (1)   forwarding    Desg   2000   8    edge   rstp
dp0s2 (2)   forwarding    Root   1000   8    p2p    rstp