Vyatta NOS documentation

Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

Using the NAT MIB on the vRouter

The NAT MIB implementation on the vRouter is a read-only implementation. Consequently SNMP SET commands and SNMP traps are not supported.

Philosphical differences between the NAT MIB and the vRouter NAT architecture mean that you must consider the following facts when interpreting the MIB contents.

  • MIB objects referring to a local, internal, or private interface are derived from pre-NAT data for SNAT rules and post-NAT data for DNAT rules.
  • MIB objects referring to a global, external, or public interface are derived from post-NAT data for SNAT rules and pre-NAT data for DNAT rules.
  • MIB objects referring to inbound NAT traffic are derived from DNAT rules only.
  • MIB objects referring to outbound NAT traffic are derived from SNAT rules only.

NAT6-4, the use of port-groups or address-groups, and the masquerade NAT translation address are currently not supported in the MIB. Furthermore, the following MIB objects are currently not supported on the vRouter.

  • natNotifThrottlingInterval (
  • natInterfaceDiscards (
  • natAddrMapDiscards (
  • natAddrBindMapIndex (
  • natAddrBindSessions (
  • natAddrBindInTranslates (
  • natAddrBindOutTranslates (
  • natAddrPortBindMapIndex (
  • natAddrPortBindSessions (
  • natAddrPortBindInTranslates (
  • natAddrPortBindOutTranslates (
  • natSessionUpTime (
  • natSessionAddrMapIndex (
  • natSessionInTranslates (
  • natSessionOutTranslates (
  • natProtocolDiscards (