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Vyatta NOS documentation

Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

Obtaining Vyatta NOS AMI from the EC2 console

The step by step process of how to obtain and launch Vyatta NOS AMI from the EC2 console is given in this section.

To obtain and launch Vyatta NOS AMI from the EC2 Console.

  1. Click EC2 on the AWS Management Console Home page. The Amazon EC2 Console Dashboard page appears.
  2. Select AMIs in the left navigation pane. The Amazon Machine Images page opens on the right.
  3. In the Viewing field, select Private Images, and specify vyatta-ami as the search string. Vyatta NOS AMIs are listed.
  4. Select Vyatta NOS AMI and click Launch at the top of the Amazon Machine Images page. The Request Instances Wizard opens at the Instance Details step.
    Figure 1. Instance details
  5. Choose a listed instance type (refer to the preceding figure) to launch Vyatta NOS AMI instance into a VPC. Then, in the Network area, select VPC and select the subnet in the VPC into which you want to launch the instance.
    Figure 2. Configure details
  6. If you want to use a static IP address, specify the address in the IP Address field. If you want to include more than one network interface, you can add the second network interface and configure it as required.
    1. Click ​Add Storage​ to configure additional instance details.
    Note: Vyatta NOS AMI supports two interfaces for each instance.
    Figure 3. Add storage
    Note: You can modify the storage configuration if required.
  7. Click Tag Instance to continue.
  8. To add tags (for example, a name) to your instance, specify a key and an associated value. In this case, we have chosen a name of R1.
  9. Click Configure Security Group to continue.
  10. Configure a security group by creating a new group or selecting an existing one.
    Figure 4. Configure security group
  11. Click Launch to continue.
  12. You must select Create a new Key Pair (or Choose from your existing Key Pairs if you have already created them) because the vRouter requires public/private key pairs for authentication within AWS. Enter a name for the key pair in the Enter a name for your key pair field (in this case we entered R1key). Click the Download your Key Pair. Save the .pem key pair file; SSH uses it to access the Vyatta AMI remotely in a later step. You will move to the Launch Instance page.

    The Launch Instance Wizard page appears.

    Figure 5. Launch status
  13. Click View Instances to return to the Amazon EC2 Console.
At this point, Vyatta NOS AMI instance is running within your VPC. The next step is to assign an elastic IP address to Vyatta NOS AMI instance. Refer to Assigning an AWS elastic IP address to the instance.