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Create resource group

A description of resource groups, why they are used and the commands related to their creation.

In the Azure Resource Manager model, each resource belongs to a resource group. Resource groups are a grouping of resources that you want to manage together.

For example, it is likely that you will want to manage the NICs, storage account, and VM of a router together, so they should be placed in the same resource group.

A resource group can be created with the Azure CLI using the azure group create <name> <location> command as follows:

$ azure group create vRouter westus info:	Executing command group create
+ Getting resource group vRouter

+ Creating resource group vRouter

info:	Created resource group vRouter data:	Id:
/subscriptions/00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000000000000/resourceGroups/vRouter data:	
Name:	vRouter
data:	Location:	westus data:	Provisioning State:	Succeeded data:	Tags: null
info:	group create command OK