Vyatta Network OS Documentation

Learn how to install, configure and operate the Vyatta NOS, which helps drive our virtual networking & physical platforms portfolio.

Sample installation session

The following example shows how to install a vRouter by using install image.

Installing a vRouter

The following example uses the 2009 image.

 tmpuser@node:~$ install image

Welcome to the DANOS - Vyatta NOS Edition image installer.
What would you like to name this image? [2009.09091217]: 
This image will be named: 2009.09091217
Checking drives for previous configurations...
I found the following configuration files:
Which one should I copy? [/config/config.boot]: 

Enter username for administrator account: vyatta

Enter password for administrator account
Enter password for user 'vyatta':
Retype password for user 'vyatta':
Enter the desired system console [tty0]: 
Would you like to setup a grub password? (Yes/No) [No]: 
Would you like to enable a reduced grub layout? (Yes/No) [No]: 
The vRouter system requires a minimum 2048MB disk space
on a partiton type 83 (Linux). If you wish, you may also set up
a software RAID device for the vRouter partition.
Probing drives: OK
The following drives were detected on your system:
 sda	8589MB

Install the image on? [sda]:
A legacy partition table (msdos) supports drives up to 2 TB
GPT partition format supports larger drives and partitions
Disk label type (msdos/gpt) [gpt]: 
Would you like me to try to partition a drive automatically
or would you rather partition it manually with parted?

Partition (Auto/Parted) [Auto]: 
Validating defaults... [OK]
Welcome to the Automated Partition Installer!
Size of BIOS_BOOT partition? [256]: 
How much space would you like to allocate for the vRouter partition? [8308]: 
Size of the log partition? [0]: 
Validating partitions sizes...[OK]
Print final partition sizes? (Yes/No) [No]: 
Ready to write partitions to disk
Continue (Yes/No) [No]: Yes
Creating new disk_label on [sda]: OK
Generating boot partition for drive: sda
Writing partition to disk: [sda] [BIOS_PART] [256]
Writing partition to disk: [sda] [vRouter] [8308] [ext4]
Creating filesystem on /dev/sda2...OK
Mounting /dev/sda2...
Setting up grub on /dev/sda: OK
Copying squashfs image...
Copying kernel and initrd images...
Copying /config/config.boot...
Creating admin account for user [vyatta]
Running post-install script...

Note: The password for the vyatta user must be changed from its default of vyatta.