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show vrrp

Displays information about VRRP.

show vrrp [ detail | interface interface [ group group-name ] | statistics [ interface interface [ group group-name ] ] | sync-group [ group group-name ] ]

When used with no option, this command displays VRRP state information for all VRRP-configured interfaces.

Displays detailed VRRP information for all VRRP-configured interfaces.
interface interface
Displays VRRP information for the specified interface. Use the identifier for the physical Ethernet interface or vif. If the VRRP interface is configured, this command also displays the VRRP interface name and the name of the physical interface or vif. The information that is displayed includes whether the local system is currently running as the owner of the VRRP interface. Note that tab completion that is used after the interface keyword provides only parent interface names.
A VRRP group.

Operational mode

Use this command to display information about VRRP groups, including current VRRP elections and statistics.

Note: When the configuration of the keepalived daemon is modified, the VRRP process is reloaded to read the new configuration and the transition timer is restarted. Therefore, Last Transition shows either the last state transition or last time the keepalived configuration was read.

The following example shows how to display information about VRRP.

vyatta@R1:~$ show vrrp
                                 RFC        Addr   Last        Sync
Interface         Group  State   Compliant  Owner  Transition  Group
---------         -----  -----   ---------  -----  ----------  -----
dp0s6                1   MASTER  dp0vrrp1   no     2s          <none>
dp0s6                2   MASTER  no         no     2s          <none>