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VRRP version 2 IPv6 support

The vRouter supports VRRPv2 with IPV6 addresses. VRRP IPv6 uses link local addresses and supports neighbor-discovery messages between master and backup routers.

Note: Do not configure any IPv4 address on the interface when configuring VRRP IPv6.

When using VRRP IPv6, the primary addresses of the interfaces, virtual IP address, and hosts and server addresses must be configured to be IPv6 addresses. Other interfaces can still have IPv4 VRRP configuration to handle IPv4 traffic.

Note: For VRRP IPv6, the minimum advertise interval is 1 second.
Note: For master and backup router setup, you must configure the priority of the master router to be higher than that of the backup router.
Note: This functionality is not based on standards, and this feature is approaching end of life. We recommend that you move to standards-based VRRP version 3, which has full IPv6 address support.