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interfaces <interface> ip igmp query-max-response-time <interval>

Specifies the maximum response time advertised in IGMP queries.

set interfaces interface ipigmp query-max-response-time interval
delete interfaces interface ipigmp query-max-response-time
show interfaces interface ipigmp query-max-response-time

The router waits 10 seconds for a response to an IGMP Query before deleting the multicast group.

The type of interface. For a list of supported interfaces and detailed syntax, see interfaces <interface> ip igmp.
The amount of time, in seconds, that the router advertises as the maximum delay before a responder can respond to an IGMP Query. The range is 1 to 240. The default is 20.

Configuration mode

interfaces interface {
    ip {
        igmp {
            query-max-response-time interval

Use this command to set the value to be advertised as the maximum time the router will wait to receive a response to IGMP Query messages. When this interval expires, the router deletes the multicast group.

Use the set form of this command to set the maximum query response time.

Use the delete form of this command to restore the default maximum query response time.

Use the show form of this command to show maximum query response time configuration.