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show ipv6 mld interface

Displays the operational state of MLD on an interface.

show ipv6 mld interface [ interface ]

When used with no option, this command displays the operational state of all MLD-enabled interfaces.

Displays the operational state of the specified interface.

Operational mode

Use this command to display the state of MLD on interfaces.

The following example shows MLD interface information for interface dp0p1p2.

vyatta@vyatta:~$ show ipv6 mld interface dp0p1p2
Interface dp0p1p2 (Index 2)
MLD Enabled, Active, Querier, Version 2 (default)
Internet address is fe80::2fd:6cff:fe1c:b
MLD interface has 0 group-record states
MLD activity: 0 joins, 0 leaves
MLD query interval is 125 seconds
MLD querier timeout is 255 seconds
MLD max query response time is 10 seconds
Last member query response interval is 1000 milliseconds
Group Membership interval is 260 seconds