Vyatta NOS documentation

Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

show ipv6 pim interface

Displays PIM interface information.

show ipv6 pim interface [ detail ]
Displays detailed information about the PIM interface.

Operational mode

Use this command to display PIM interface information.


In the following example, the Ver/Mode column displays "SD" when configured in Sparse-Dense Mode (SDM).

vyatta@vrfR3:~$ show ipv6 pim interface
Interface        VIFindex Ver/   Nbr    DR   
                          Mode   Count  Prior
dp0s4            0        v2/SD   1      1    
    Address       : fe80::5054:ff:feca:1c10                  
    Global Address: 2001::7
    DR            : this system
dp0s6            2        v2/SD   0      1    
    Address       : fe80::5054:ff:fed8:5278                  
    Global Address: 2003::7
    DR            : this system
dp0s7            1        v2/SD   1      1    
    Address       : fe80::5054:ff:fe22:b4fb                  
    Global Address: 2023::7
    DR            : fe80::5054:ff:fea7:c25b 

In this example, the Mode field shows "Sparse-Dense" when configured as SDM.

sh ipv6 pim interface detail 
dp0s4 (vif 0): 
  Address fe80::5054:ff:feca:1c10, Mode: Sparse-Dense
  DR fe80::5054:ff:feca:1c10, DR's priority: 1
  Propagation delay is 1000 milli-seconds
  Router-ID: Local-ID 9 
  Secondary addresses:
  PIM neighbor count: 1
  PIM neighbor holdtime: 105
  PIM neighbor hello interval: 30
  PIM configured DR priority: 1
  PIM border interface: no
  PIM Neighbor policy: not configured