Vyatta Network OS Documentation

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show ipv6 pim interface

Displays PIM interface information.

show ipv6 pim interface [ detail ]
Displays detailed information about the PIM interface.

Operational mode

Use this command to display PIM interface information.


In the following example, the Ver/Mode column displays "SD" when configured in Sparse-Dense Mode (SDM).

vyatta@vrfR3:~$ show ipv6 pim interface
Interface        VIFindex Ver/   Nbr    DR   
                          Mode   Count  Prior
dp0s4            0        v2/SD   1      1    
    Address       : fe80::5054:ff:feca:1c10                  
    Global Address: 2001::7
    DR            : this system
dp0s6            2        v2/SD   0      1    
    Address       : fe80::5054:ff:fed8:5278                  
    Global Address: 2003::7
    DR            : this system
dp0s7            1        v2/SD   1      1    
    Address       : fe80::5054:ff:fe22:b4fb                  
    Global Address: 2023::7
    DR            : fe80::5054:ff:fea7:c25b 

In this example, the Mode field shows "Sparse-Dense" when configured as SDM.

sh ipv6 pim interface detail 
dp0s4 (vif 0): 
  Address fe80::5054:ff:feca:1c10, Mode: Sparse-Dense
  DR fe80::5054:ff:feca:1c10, DR's priority: 1
  Propagation delay is 1000 milli-seconds
  Router-ID: Local-ID 9 
  Secondary addresses:
  PIM neighbor count: 1
  PIM neighbor holdtime: 105
  PIM neighbor hello interval: 30
  PIM configured DR priority: 1
  PIM border interface: no
  PIM Neighbor policy: not configured