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BGP ID selection process

It is best practice to configure the BGP ID explicitly by using protocols bgp <asn> parameters router-id <id>. If explicitly assigned, then this is the BGP ID that should be used. If it is not assigned explicitly, then the system choose one automatically. If a loopback address is configured as is not, it be used. If the loopback address is not used, then the largest IP address assigned to an interface in the system configuration be used.

So, best practice suggests that the following configuration commands be run on each BGP router to explicitly set the BGP ID. In this example, a loopback address of is used.

Table 1. Best practice for setting the BGP ID





Set the loopback address and prefix length (note the prefix length of 32). In this case

vyatta@R1# set interfaces loopback lo address


Set the router ID to the previously defined loopback address.

vyatta@R1# set protocols bgp 100 parameters router-id


Commit the configuration.

vyatta@R1# commit


Verify the configuration.

vyatta@R1# show interfaces loopback
 loopback lo {

vyatta@R1# show protocols bgp
 bgp 100 {
    parameters {