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R1: show ip route bgp

The following example shows the output of the show ip route bgp command for router R1 at this stage of the configuration.

vyatta@R1:~$ show ip route bgp 
B [200/0] via, 00:12:04
B    *> [20/0] via, dp0p161p1, 00:17:51
B    *> [200/0] via (recursive via ), 00:12:04
B [200/0] via, 00:18:37
B    *> [200/0] via (recursive via ), 00:12:04

The show ip route bgp command displays the routes in the RIB that were learned via BGP. This is different from the output of show ip bgp, which shows all paths learned via BGP regardless of whether it is the best BGP path and whether the BGP candidate to the RIB for the prefix is the best route (for example, it has the lowest admin cost).

The output for the same operational BGP commands run on router R4 yields similar results.