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protocols bgp <asn> parameters router-id <id>

Sets a fixed BGP router ID for the router, overriding the automatic ID selection process.

set protocols bgp asn parameters router-id id
delete protocols bgp asn parameters router-id [ id ]
show protocols bgp asn parameters

When router ID is not explicitly set, then the router ID is automatically set to the IP address of the loopback address, if configured. If the loopback address is not configured, the router ID is set to the first IP address configured on a physical interface.

The number of the AS in which this router resides. The numbers range from 1 through 4294967294. The subrange, 64512 through 65534, is reserved for private AS.
The ID to be used by the router as the BGP router ID.

Configuration mode

protocols {
    bgp asn {
        parameters {
            router-id id

Use the set form of this command to configure a fixed router ID for the local BGP routing process. This ID overrides the router ID automatic set by the system.

Use the delete form of this command to remove the fixed router ID and restore the automatically selected ID.

Use the show form of this command to view global BGP configuration settings.