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reset ip bgp external

Resets peering sessions for eBGP neighbors.

reset ip bgp external [ soft [ in [ prefix-filter ] | out ] ]

When used without the soft option, reset connections are dropped, both inbound and outbound.

Sessions are not reset. Resend updates that have changed due to an export policy change or recalculate any updates received based on import policy changes.
Resets BGP external peer information via soft reconfig of inbound update
Resets the outbound route filter (ORF) filter.
Resets BGP external peer information via soft reconfig of outbound update

Operational mode

Use this command on a router running BGP to reset sessions for external BGP (eBGP) neighbors. This forces BGP updates to be generated and new BGP policies to be applied.

Unless the soft option is used, all connections are dropped (a “hard reset”): TCP connections are terminated and all routes received from the neighbor are removed from the BGP routing table. Then the connection with the neighbor is re-established.

If the soft option is used, sessions are not reset. Changes to export policies are resent to peers. Changes to import policies causes recalculation of information in the BGP table (given that soft-reconfiguration inbound is configured on the peer).