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OSPFv2 range cost example

An example that shows how to verify that the correct metric is being advertised.

Use the show command to display the summary LSAs that originated in the router.
user@system:~$ show ip ospf database summary self-originate
user@system# show ip ospf database summary self-originate
LS age: 572
  Options: 0x22 (-|-|DC|-|-|-|E|-)
  LS Type: Summary-LSA
  Link State ID: (summary Network Number)
  Advertising Router:
  LS Seq Number: 8000000b
  Checksum: 0x7a3e
  Length: 28
  Network Mask: /10
        TOS: 0 Metric: 99

In this example, the output shows that the summary LSA for has metric 99.