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show policy route <interface>

Displays routing policy configuration or statistics.

show policy route interface
The name of an interface.

Operational mode

A policy identifies traffic that matches parameters and specifies which table to use. The table defines the routes for a packet to take. A routing policy is a named collection of as many as 9,999 packet-classification rules. When applied to an interface, the policy rule classifies incoming traffic.

Note: The PBR rule counters count all of the matched packets regardless of the availability of the route.

Use this command in operational mode to display packet statistics for all PBR rules in all groups.

For example:

show policy route

vyatta@vyatta:~$ show policy route
Rulesets Information: PBR
PBR policy "myroute2":
Active on (dp0s3, in)
rule    action  proto           packets         bytes         
----    ------  -----           -------         -----         
10      drop    any             0               0             
  condition - family inet apply dpi(youtube,none)