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PBR on the Vyatta router is supported on incoming Layer 3, Layer 4, and Layer 7 traffic.

Only packets that pass through the firewall (if any) are considered for policy-based routing provided the interface is assigned a routing policy.

When no routing policies are applied, routing decisions are made by using the default (main) routing table (Table 254) of the system.

PBR policies can be applied to bonding, bonding VIF (virtual interface), bridge (vCPE only), dataplane, dataplane VIF, L2TPv3, L2TPv3 VIF, OpenVPN, tunnel, and VTI (Virtual Tunnel Interface) interfaces for inbound traffic, but not to loopback interfaces.

Note: A performance drop is expected when PBR is configured on an interface.

On the Vyatta router, you cannot apply policy-based routing to locally generated packets.