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Routing policy rules

Packets that match the PBR rule criteria are subject to either of the following actions.

  • They are routed by using a specific PBR routing table.
  • They are dropped (if the drop action is set).

Packets that match the rule parameters are considered for policy-based routing. As many as 9,999 rules in a policy are supported. If no match criteria are specified, all packets are routed according to the default Table 254.

The packets that do not match any policy rule are routed according to the routes in the main table.

Note: You can configure rules to match IPv4 ICMP, IPv6 ICMP, IPv6 routing header, or TCP without specifying the respective protocol, provided that a protocol specific match option is present. For example TCP flags, ICMP type.

Routing policy rules are executed in numeric sequence, from lowest to highest.

Note: To avoid having to renumber routing policy rules, a good practice is to number rules in increments of 10. This increment allows room for the insertion of new rules within the policy.