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show ip rip

show ip rip for R3 displays similar RI verification information in a different format.

vyatta@R3:~$ show ip rip
Codes: R - RIP, C - connected, S - Static, O - OSPF, B - BGP
      (n) - normal, (s) - static, (d) - default, (r) - redistribute,
      (i) - interface
     Network            Next Hop         Metric From            Tag Time
R(n)             3         0 00:23
R(n)             3         0 00:23
R(n)             2         0 00:23
C(i)               1 self              0
C(r)               1 self (connected:1)  0

Again, the output shows that routes to,, and have been learned through RIP and that packets to those networks are forwarded to The and networks are directly connected.