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MPLS fast reroute using one-to-one backup configuration options

The following options can be set for a MPLS fast reroute path using one-to-one backup configuration:
  • Bandwidth
  • Node Protection Desired
  • Path Selection
  • Priority
  • Protection

These options are displayed as follows:

vyatta@vm1# set protocols mpls-rsvp tunnels tunnel pe1-pe2
 primary fast-reroute 
Possible Completions:
   <Enter>                 Execute the current command
   bandwidth               Bandwidth to be reserved (bps) <1-10000000000>
   node-protection-desired Request FRR node protection on LSRs
 > path-selection          Path selection properties
 > priority                Priority to use in the session attribute object
   protection              LSP Protection mechanism

For information on using these configuration options, see Configuring MPLS RSVP Fast Reroute.