Vyatta Network OS Documentation

Learn how to install, configure and operate the Vyatta NOS, which helps drive our virtual networking & physical platforms portfolio.

MPLS Commands

The supported MPLS commands are grouped into the following sections:

  • MPLS operational commands
  • MPLS configuration commands

MPLS operational commands

The following clear command is available with MPLS:

clear interfaces dataplane mpls counters | [<text> counters]

The following show commands are available with MPLS:

  1. show mpls cross-connect
  2. show mpls forwarding-table
  3. show mpls in-segment-table
  4. show mpls interface
  5. show mpls label-table [ x.x.x.x/x ] [ longer-prefixes ]
  6. show mpls out-segment-table
  7. show dataplane mpls interfaces
  8. show dataplane mpls label-table [ with-prefix ]
  9. show dataplane statistics mpls
Note: See also the show mpls-ldp and show mpls rsvp commands.

MPLS configuration commands

The following configuration commands are available with MPLS:
  1. protocols mpls default-ttl <0-255>
  2. protocols mpls disable-ip-propagate-ttl
  3. protocols mpls label-range maximum-label-value <16..1048575>
  4. protocols mpls label-range minimum-label-value <16..1048575>
Note: See also the protocols mpls-ldp and protocols mpls-rsvp commands.

Logging is enabled for the MPLS data plane with the following command:

monitor dataplane mpls events | packet-error enable | disable