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protocols mpls default-ttl

Sets the default TTL value.

set protocols mpls default-ttl 0-255
delete protocols mpls default-ttl 0-255
show protocols mpls default-ttl 0-255
The default value of the TTL, which ranges from 0 through 255.

Configuration mode

protocols {
    mpls {
        default-ttl <0-255>

Use this command to configure the default Time To Live (TTL) value for an MPLS packet when imposing MPLS labels onto IP packets if TTL propagation is disabled. If the default TTL value is not specified, it is 255.

Note: The protocols mpls default-ttl command is used only when TTL propagation is disabled.

Use the set form of this command to specify the default TTL value.

Use the delete form of this command to delete the previously specified default TTL value. This command resets the default TTL value to 255.

Use the show form of this command to display the default TTL value.


The following example shows how to set the TTL value to 100.

vyatta@R1# set protocols mpls default-ttl 100