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Reservable bandwidth configuration considerations

The reservable-bandwidth command is configurable on an MPLS-enabled interface at any time. The configuration of the command takes effect immediately upon preemption of the LSP.

When LSP preemption occurs, when the reservable bandwidth required for a specific LSP is not supported on the interface, then the LSP immediately goes down. When this occurs, an IGP advertisement of this configuration change is triggered and flooded throughout all ports on the network because the maximum reservable bandwidth configured on the interface is different from the value that was previously configured.

To configure the maximum reservable bandwidth as an absolute value for MPLS LSPs on the interface, complete the following step.

Configure the maximum reservable bandwidth in kbps.
vyatta@R1# set protocols mpls-rsvp interfaces interface dp0p1s15 bandwidth-constraints maximum-reservable 10000k
In this example, the maximum reservable bandwidth is configured to 10000 kbps.