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show mpls rsvp session name <name> [ primary | secondary ]

Displays detailed session information for a specific tunnel.

show mpls rsvp session name name [ primary | secondary ]
The name of the specific tunnel.

Operational mode

Use this command to display detailed session information for a specific tunnel. The default is to show all sessions. You can limit the output to just the primary or secondary (if configured) session.

The following example shows how to display detailed session information from the primary session in the tunnel named t8.

vyatta@vyatta:~$ show mpls rsvp session name t8 primary 
Ingress (Primary)
  From:, LSPstate: Up, LSPname: t8
  Ingress FSM state: Operational
  Setup priority: 7, Hold priority: 0
  CSPF usage: Enabled, CSPF Retry Count: 0, CSPF Retry Interval: 30 seconds
  Reoptimization: Disabled
  IGP-Shortcut: Disabled, LSP metric: 25 
  LSP Protection: one-to-one
  Label in: -,  Label out:    53120
  Tspec rate: 0, Fspec rate: 0
  Tunnel Id: 5001, LSP Id: 101, Ext-Tunnel Id:
  Downstream:, dp0p1s15 
  Path refresh: 30 seconds (RR enabled) (due in 28 seconds)
  Resv lifetime: 157 seconds (due in 138 seconds)
  Retry count: 0, intrvl: 30 seconds
  RRO re-use as ERO: Disabled
  Label Recording: Disabled
  Admin Groups: none
  Configured Path: p238 (in use)
  Configured Explicit Route Detail : loose loose loose
  Session Explicit Route Detail : strict strict strict
  Record route: <self>
  Style: Shared Explicit Filter
  Traffic type: controlled-load
  Minimum Path MTU: 1500
  Last Recorded Error Code: None
  Last Recorded Error Value: None
  Node where Last Recorded Error originated: None
  Trunk Type: mpls