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Vyatta NOS documentation

Learn how to install, configure, and operate Vyatta Network Operating System (Vyatta NOS), which helps to drive our virtual networking and physical platforms portfolio.

bandwidth <limit>

bandwidth <limit>

The maximum bandwidth. Vyatta uses a 'maximum bandwidth' model of QoS, rather than a 'guaranteed bandwidth' model.

Depending on your QoS configuration, you can set a maximum bandwidth limit for a shaper, profile or traffic class.

  • To define the limit with the default units of kilobits per second, you may use a number only.
  • To define the limit with other units, use a number plus a suffix. No space. For example: 10mbit; 40%.

Vyatta NOS supports these suffixes:

  • No suffix: Kilobits (1000 bits) per second
  • gbit: Gigabits (1000 megabits) per second
  • gbps: Gigabytes (1000 megabytes) per second
  • gi: Gibibits (1024 mebibits) per second
  • kbit: Kilobits (1000 bits) per second
  • kbps: Kilobytes (1000 bytes) per second
  • ki: Kibibits (1024 bits) per second
  • mbit: Megabits (1000 kilobits) per second
  • mbps: Megabytes (1000 kilobytes) per second
  • mi: Mebibits (1024 kibibits) per second
  • %: Percentage of the total bandwidth