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List of ICMP types

A list of the Internet Control Messaging Protocol for IPv4 (ICMP) types and codes, and the corresponding literal strings that are available in Vyatta NOS.

Note: The ICMP types and codes are as defined by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

ICMP type 0: echo-reply

Echo reply ('pong').

ICMP type 3: destination-unreachable

The destination is unreachable.

Code 0: network-unreachable
The destination network is unreachable.
Code 1: host-unreachable
The destination host is unreachable.
Code 2: protocol-unreachable
The destination protocol is unreachable.
Code 3: port-unreachable
The destination port is unreachable.
Code 4: fragmentation-needed
Fragmentation is needed.
Code 5: source-route-failed
Source route has failed.
Code 6: network-unknown
The destination network is unknown.
Code 7: host-unknown
The destination host is unknown.
Code 9: network-prohibited
The network is administratively prohibited.
Code 10: host-prohibited
The host is administratively is prohibited.
Code 11: ToS-network-unreachable
The network is unreachable for ToS.
Code 12: ToS-host-unreachable
The host is unreachable for ToS.
Code 13: communication-prohibited
Communication is administratively prohibited.
Code 14: host-precedence-violation
The requested precedence is not permitted.
Code 15: precedence-cutoff
The precedence is lower than the required minimum.

ICMP type 4: source-quench

The source is quenched (congestion control).

ICMP type 5: redirect

Redirected message.

Code 0: network-redirect
Datagram is redirected for the network.
Code 1: host-redirect
Datagram is redirected for the host.
Code 2: ToS-network-redirect
Datagram is redirected for the ToS and network.
Code 3: ToS-host-redirect
Datagram is redirected for the ToS and host.

ICMP type 8: echo-request

Echo request ('ping').

ICMP type 9: router-advertisement

Router advertisement.

ICMP type 10: router-solicitation

Router solicitation.

ICMP type 11: time-exceeded

Time to live (TTL) has exceeded.

Code 0: ttl-zero-during-transit
TTL expired in transit.
Code 1: ttl-zero-during-reassembly
Fragment reassembly time exceeded.

ICMP type 12: parameter-problem

Bad IP header.

Code 0: ip-header-bad
Pointer that indicates an error.
Code 1: required-option-missing
Missing required option.

ICMP type 13: timestamp-request

Request for a timestamp.

ICMP type 14: timestamp-reply

Reply to a request for a timestamp.

ICMP type 15

Information request.

ICMP type 16

Information reply.

ICMP type 17: address-mask-request

Address mask request.

ICMP type 18: address-mask-reply

Address mask reply.