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Error: "Can only specify one type of queue-limit"


You tried to use more than one type of queue limit unit in the configuration.

You will trigger this error if you try to mix different queue limit unit commands in the configuration. For example, any combination of commands like these:

set policy qos name <policy-name> shaper traffic-class <traffic-class> queue-limit <number>
set policy qos name <policy-name> shaper traffic-class <traffic-class> queue-limit-bytes <limit>
set policy qos name <policy-name> shaper traffic-class <traffic-class> queue-limit-time <limit>

You can define the queue limit unit on a system-wide basis as either packets, bytes or microseconds. You must use only the one that you've defined, throughout the entire configuration.


Decide which form of queue limit units you want. Then change all of your ... traffic-class ... queue-limit... commands to use it consistently.