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Error: "Drop-precedence configuration requires the use of an ingress map"


You tried to configure more than one WRED map configuration on a profile queue, where you did not also define an ingress map.

When multiple WRED maps are configured on a profile queue, QoS will use the 'drop precedence' of a packet to determine which WRED map configuration should process the packet. If you do not define an ingress map then the drop precedence will also be undefined.

You will trigger this error if you try to use a command like one of these:

set policy qos name <policy-name> shaper profile <profile-name> queue <queue-id> wred-map-bytes drop-precedence ...
set policy qos name <policy-name> shaper profile <profile-name> queue <queue-id> wred-map-time drop-precedence ...

without a corresponding command like this:

set policy ingress-map ...


Define an ingress map with drop precedence values. You must then use designation-style profile maps throughout the configuration.