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Error: "Missing mandatory node <keyword>"


This error can occur in multiple different situations. Certain nodes in the YANG tree become mandatory if their parent node exists.

Here is just one example of a "Missing mandatory node" error message:

[policy qos name policy-1 shaper profile profile-1 queue 0]

Missing mandatory node traffic-class

The part of the error message in square bracket lists tells you the keyword path to the parent node. The <keyword> after "Missing mandatory node" tells you the name of the mandatory child node — traffic-class, in this example.


You tried to commit a command in which a mandatory keyword is missing.


Add the missing mandatory keyword (and any value that it may need) to the parent node's path. For the example above:
user@system# set policy qos name policy-1 shaper profile profile-1 queue 0 traffic-class 1