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Global Firewall Commands

clear firewall

Clears firewall statistics.

clear firewall [ bridge ]
Specifies clearing firewall bridge statistics only.

Operational mode

Use this command to clear firewall statistics.

show firewall

Displays statistics for a firewall rule set for an interface or for all firewall rule sets.

show firewall [ interface ]

When used with no option, the command shows information for all configured firewall rule sets.

A type of interface. For more information about the supported interface name formats, refer to Supported Interface Types.

Operational mode

Use this command to display statistics about configured firewall rule sets.

The following example shows how to display statistics for firewall rule sets.

vyatta@R1# show firewall
Rulesets Information: Firewall
Firewall "fw_1":
Active on (dp0p192p1, in)
rule    action  proto   packets         bytes
----    ------  -----   -------         -----
1       allow   tcp     0               0
  condition - stateful proto tcp flags S/FSRA all
8       allow   any     0               0
  condition - stateful to