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Ciena SSL-VPN client for Windows OS

The Ciena SSL-VPN Client for Windows operating system requires administrator privileges for installation because a device driver for a virtual network must be installed and a virtual network interface must be created.

An installation wizard is generated on demand with the latest SSL-VPN client configuration that is running on the vRouter. Because the wizard is a Windows OS executable file, various Windows OS or browser security measures display messages to warn the end user about potential known malware risks.

Some Web browsers warn that downloaded Windows OS executable files are “not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.” Those browsers often obtain the size and checksum of a file and send that information to the servers of the browser vendors on the Internet to get information about potential known malware. Because the installation wizard is generated on demand and is unique and not known to any of the Web browser vendors, their systems warn the user about the SSL-VPN client bundle for Windows OS as previously indicated.

The executable file for the installation wizard is not signed by the signing key for the publisher code because the wizard is generated on demand on the vRouter. This generation causes a warning message, which indicates that the publisher is unknown and not trusted, in certain browsers when the end user is running the installation wizard on a Windows client machine.

Figure 1. Security warning message

The virtual network driver that is included is signed by the official Ciena Code Signing.